VAC vs VDC for screw terminal

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    Brian Hinton

    I have some new screw terminals that are rated for 300VAC. Quick question…if something is rated for VAC but not VDC, are there any considerations that much be taken if you want to use it for a DC circuit (and vice versa)?

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    Shane Cornett

    IIRC AC voltage ratings are the average voltage across a line, and peak AC voltage is actually average voltage times the square root of 2. in that case, ~425V. With that in mind, you should be able to use them with 300V DC. Wouldn’t go higher than that though.

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    Eric Jones
    Eric Jones
    Galco Representative

    Remember! The AC rating for switches and relays is much higher than the DC rating, because arcs formed when connecting or disconnecting will be interrupted when the AC passes through zero.

    I know you mentioned screw terminals, just keep this in mind when wiring your circuit.

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