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      I was wondering how a surge protector works. I thought you have to connect the surge protector between the incoming big wires in the breaker box, that the power goes through the surge protector and then into all the breakers in the breaker box. Now I found out that you have to install the surge protector on a 20 amp double breaker, keep wires short and I don’t know, should the breaker be on top where the power comes in, or can it be on the bottom? How can a surge protector work when it is installed on a random breaker anywhere in the breaker panel?
      Thank you for your time on this question!

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      John CJohn C
      Galco Representative

      Hello Walter, and thanks for asking Galco. Surge protectors are simply meant to protect any components/appliances connected down stream from it no matter where they installed. In other words away from the power source. Now having said that, let me reference something most people can relate to. Depending on where the surge protector is, it should be sized according to its load. EXAMPLE: a power strip with built in surge protection may be good for a 15amp load at 120Vac line power. If you go back to its power source (the wall plug) they can have built in surge protection now too. The power distribution box or “Fuse Box” as it is commonly referred to, can have a surge protection Circuit Breakers to protect a specific branch in your home. If the Main Breaker can have a surge protection circuit added, it would protect entire panel and should be sized to do so. For more information on specific types, price and availability, please give us a call at 800-575-5562 and ask for a sales rep.

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