PNOZ XV3 connections

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    Anna Simpson

    Good Afternoon.

    I am unable to understand the wiring diagram of PILZ PNOZ XV3 RELAY. can you please explain me in details.

    K1 is for channel 1 healthy condition
    K2 is for channel 2 healthy condition
    What is K3 & K4?
    When channel 1 & channel 2 becomes healthy means at what terminal when supply becomes healthy?
    What is Y39 & Y40?

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    John C
    John C
    Galco Representative

    Ok Y39 and Y40 are the time reset for the 2 delayed contacts K3 and K4. K1 and K2 are instant contacts. Channel 1 operate K1 and K3, and Channel 2 operates K2 and K4.

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    Anna Simpson

    Thank You for your reply, can you please also clarify what is S11, S12, S21, S22, S31, S32, S33, S34 OR send me link of any manual in which all these things are clearly mentioned as it is not mentioned in my manual

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    John C
    John C
    Galco Representative Check out this data sheet and see if helps with your unit.

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