Pilot Light vs VSD

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      AvatarLudwig Smith


      I am somewhat new to buying electronic components and am a little bit confused by some of the lighting categories, mainly the difference between “Pilot lights” and “Electronic Signaling Devices”. Without too much prior knowledge they look like they do similar things. Can I get an explanation here please? I am not even completely sure what sort of lighting devices I need yet, but this might be able to help me pick one out.

      Thank you

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      Joe LJoe L
      Galco Representative

      Hi Ludwig,

      Pilot Lights are generally more of a single purpose type of component. They are often just used to indicate that your component is operating as intended.

      Visual Signaling Devices tend to be a more broad category, with many components featuring more customization options compared to just a simple pilot light. For example, one of the products in that category that we carry are known as stack lights. These lights allow you to stack several different colored lights which can be used to indicate different component statuses, and are easy to see from a distance. For comparison, a smaller component such as a pilot light may be better suited for a control panel.

      I hope this helped!

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