Micro Logix 1100 PLC: Hard reset

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      Dear There, can we perform hard reset on micrologix 1100 series A plc;{like we do in SLC series) ?
      if yes;then how to do it?

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      John CJohn C
      Galco Representative

      Hello vikas, thanks for asking Galco. My research through our copies of the programming and user manuals do not mention anything about a “Hard reset”. We might suggest just cycling power to the controller to reset it.

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      Dear Sir,
      thank you very much to reply here.
      I hope we will get some nice results out of this research.
      have a nice day!
      warm regards!

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      Dear Sir,
      I have tried to power cycle the plc many times but for no considerable results.
      please suggest something to perform on hardware level because it is not possible to communicate with this plc by any of the two ports.
      thanks alot !

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      Dear sir,
      thanks for your this advice!
      I want to inform you that I got success in hard resetting this concerned ML 1100 series ‘A’ PLC (1763-L16BWA).
      Procedure is as follows:
      1.) remove all i/o connections to PLC, together with attached battery and AC power to it.
      2.) dismantle it to take out CPU module.
      3.) locate pins 11 and 12 in Samsung chip (static RAM)in this cpu module at the back side of display.
      4.) short these two pins for around 60 seconds or more.
      5.) and reassemble everything back.
      6.) now power-up the PLC to get an error code 0001 in LCD screen.
      7.) this is a good symptom and indicates that default program is loaded in memory of processor).
      8.) now old culprit program is gone!! Just communicate your plc and load blank program in it to get
      above error in LCD resolved.
      Above is the procedure to hard reset the plc without communicating to it.
      Thats all for now.
      thanks a lot to guide me in this successful work.
      Have a nice day !

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