IR Thermometers safe to use?

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    Saul Mitchell

    I have been looking into IR Thermometers recently and I like the convenience that they offer but I am concerned about the possibility of them causing potential danger on the components that they will be used on – worried about pointing a laser at my components essentially. Is this a valid concern? Thanks.

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    Joe L
    Joe L
    Galco Representative

    Hey Saul,

    You don’t have anything to worry about in this circumstance. The lasers are low-powered lasers that are simply used to visually indicate the spot that is being measured by your thermometer, and it should not pose any danger to your components. The thermometer is simply reading the infrared being emitted from the subject in question, rather than transmitting it to the subject and receiving something back. Basically, IR thermometers are very “hands-off”, so to speak.

    Hope this helped!

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