Fan speed control

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    Alonzo Zaragoza

    I wanted to know if is possible to have speed control of single phase fan motors?

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    John C
    John C
    Galco Representative

    Yes we do. If you go to our web page and hover your arrow over the “Buy Products” tab at top of screen, wait for drop down and select “Electromechanical” and then select fans, then Speed Controls. This will put into our Triac Controls section, or you can just type triac controls into the search box at very top of screen.
    Triac controls do not vaey the speed same as a VFD does 3 phase motors, these are more like a light dimmer in operation but a little more heavy duty than dimmers are. By varying the voltage with a triac control the fan slows down from just a simple loss of power, so they are quite effective. These can only do small motors though as only go up to around 20 amps of load but in a few different voltages. 115Volt, 240Volt and 277Volt motors. The KBMC and KBMS will do both AC and DC motors

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