electromechanical relay load rating question

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    Jason Lamb

    I have a relay whose datasheet reads:

    General Use: 12A at 125VAC, 10A at 277VAC/30VDC
    Resistive: 12A at 125VAC, 10A at 277VAC/30VDC
    TV: 5A @ 125VAC

    what does the “TV” load type refer to? And why does it read so much lower than gen/restrictive use?

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    Nathan Marsh

    UL TV Ratings came about in the 70s as a way to ensure TV circuitry could withstand the harsh inrush current encountered when turning on and off televisions.

    Basically, your relay with a “TV-5” rating claims that it can handle 50-ampere inrush currents for 25,000 cycles IF the steady state current after the inrush is only 5 amps. Think of it as a 12A relay that’s tested more carefully and more thoroughly than most of its competitors.

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