Cutler Hammer SVX9000 #7 Saturation fault

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    Carl Meyer

    Hi need to know how to remdy #7 fault please

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    John C
    John C
    Galco Representative

    Hello Carl, the #7 fault is called a Saturation fault. It is referring to the output IGBT’s power devices and is trying to say that 1 or many of them are not switching properly. This is do to a short circuit in the output somewhere.
    First thing to do is disconnect the motor and see if it is bad. Use an insulation tester if available or a DMM to look for grounds in the motor leads or the motor itself.
    If nothing shows up there, then you may have a failed IGBT so do NOT power up the drive anymore. Test the output IGBT’s between the BUS terminals and the input/output terminals. If you have no one there that can do this you will need a service tech. If the drive is small enough to pull out and send in, you are at that point now.

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