Circuit Breaker KAIC rating

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    Davis Mcclain

    Hi want to know the relationship between a circuit breakers rating and this KAIC rating?

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    John C
    John C
    Galco Representative

    Hi Davis, this is a great question.

    So I picked out 1 of our ABB breakers for you to reference. If you look at our specifications for a T1N060TL you will see it is a 60 amp Breaker with a 22 KAIC rating at 480Vac. So KAIC stands for Kilo-Amps Interupting Current, so this 1 takes up to 22,000 amps to trip it instantly or no measurable time delay. The 60 amp rating means you can have up to 60 amps all day, all week and all year and won’t trip. At 61 amps it will take a long time to trip if at all, at 70 amps it will definitely trip but it won’t be instant either. At 100 amps it will definitely trip but may take a few minutes, you get the idea?

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