circuit breaker going bad?

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    Ahman Sawa

    Hello, I suspect that I have a circuit breaker that is going bad.. It seems that for now it is still working, but maybe degrading? Right now it is making some noise that it did not make before now. Is there something else to look out for? Thanks.

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    Joe L
    Joe L
    Galco Representative

    Hello Ahman,

    Sudden noise can definitely be a sign of a circuit board going bad. Other things that either may be happening or can happen if a circuit breaker is failing or fails includes overheating, tripping before it should, open when it should not be, and not tripping when it should be.

    In my opinion, any circuit breaker that you suspect of failure should be replaced no questions asked, because circuit breaker failure can lead to some very bad things.

    Hope this helped!

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    Hi…i am a new user here. I also faced the same issue. As per my experience it is correct said that breakers are easy to replace and generally inexpensive for the most part, and they are typically not designed to be opened up.If it is a large industrial-grade breaker than you can try to get it repaired by a repair service if you feel that it would be worth it, but if we are talking about your standard run of the mill breaker then you are best off just replacing it.

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