ACS800 Parameter Restricted Access Passcode.

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    Does anyone know what the passcode for parameter 16.03 is to re-instate the parameter access restrictions? Passcode 2289 removes the restriction so that all parameters can be accessed via the control pad or a PC with DriveWindow 2.40.

    I removed the restriction using 2289 so that I could make backup files and now I need to reinstate the parameter restriction. Using 2289 or 0 as a passcode did NOT reinstate the restriction.


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    John C
    John C
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    Ok very simple Bob, just go to parameter 16.02 and select “locked.” You will not be able to change any parameters except 16.03 where you enter your pass code. Once the pass code is entered at 16.03, parameter 16.02 is automatically set to open, ok?

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