ACS550 no communication with MODBUS

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    Enrique Hinojosa

    hi guy! I want to setting ABB ACS550 connect Modbus RTU with PLC. I made effort setting for inverter ABB ACS550 But it so difficult for me. If you have any video teach setting Inverter connect modbus RTu. Please send me as soon as possible. Thanks you so much.

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    John C
    John C
    Galco Representative

    Hello Enrique, good question and thanks for asking Galco. Do you have a copy of the ACS550 User Manual? If not click on this link for a digital copy We do not currently have a video for MODBUS configuration and maybe some months before we do (many different projects in progress right now). So try the following, be sure parameter 9802 = 1 (Standard Modbus), then check parameter 5302= “Drive address” (this must be a unique number for each drive connect to a common trunk line) 5303= “baud rate” selected must match all items connected to same line. So 5302 must all be unique numbers, and 5303 must be the same number. 5304= “Parity selection” must match all items connected and 5305 leave default=0. Please let us know how you do.

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