FUJI MEGA AC drive fault OPL

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      AvatarRaul Spurlock

      my drive keeps faulting OPL please what to do

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      John CJohn C
      Galco Representative

      Hello Raul,
      That is an Output Phase Loss fault, the drive is trying to say the motor is disconnected from the drive, or there is a bad connection between the motor and the drive, or a phase is grounded.
      First check for continuity at the drive motor connection terminals. Motors above 5HP will have a very low resistance reading phase to phase, below 5HP you start to see a few ohms of resistance and fractional HP motors may read 100 ohms phase to phase. However any motor always should have high resistance to ground as tested with an Insulation tester or Megohmeter.
      Let us know what you find, ok?

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      AvatarRaul Spurlock

      Hi John, we checked the motor measurements like you suggested and they did not check good. My maintenance guys are on it now thank you.

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